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• Respect of the charter of joint ownership of your building by the whole of its occupants.

• Convocation and behaviour of the general assemblies.

• Notification of the verbal lawsuits of general assembly and the meetings of the trade-union council.

• Execution of the decisions taken in general assembly.

• Negotiation and subscription of the insurance policies

• Maintenance of your building and assumption of responsibility of work necessary to its conservation.

• Consultation and followed contractors.

• Representation of the trade union of the joint owners for all the acts engaging joint ownership.

• Financial management book-keeping of the building.

• Development of the budget estimated and installation of the provisions necessary to its execution.

• Distribution, covering and payment of the loads of joint ownership.

• Management of the dispute of the trade union of the joint owners and legal representation.

• Recruitment and follow-up of the personnel necessary to the correct operation of joint ownership.

• Specific visit of the common parts of your building.

• Subscription, negotiation and followed contracts service of joint ownership.

• Update of the legal documents.

• Conservation of the files of the trade union of the joint owners.

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